BORN ROSÉ has been awarded a Gold Medal

We are happy. Delighted! The BORN ROSÉ team couldn’t wait any longer to share our big news with you. Our first award! And, just so you know, it’s not just any award. Our BORN ROSÉ Organic has been awarded a Gold Medal by The Drink Business. It’s nothing really…!


So that you understand the honor and pride that this award represents for us, we’d like you to know that The Drink Business is the leading publication in the world of alcoholic beverages. Its pages bring together key, influential information, as well as everything a real wine lover should know. And each year, at the London Wine Festival, this esteemed industry publication announces the winners of its famous, polished medals: The Global Masters 2020. These distinguished medals evaluate the taste of the grape and guarantee the quality of the product. In the rosé category, there’s bronze, silver, and gold, which this year went to... Tacháaaaan! BORN ROSÉ! 


How exciting! Our BORN ROSÉ has won a gold medal the first time it has participated in these awards, ahead of more than 200 other competitors. This calls for a proper toast!


From the Penedés to Gold


Green countryside, sprinkled with vineyards and charming villages, rich with winemaking tradition. If we are sure about anything, it’s that our BORN ROSÉ has succeeded in transmitting the essence of our native Penedés in Catalunya to the winetasters. Our first BORN ROSÉ is making waves and this is only the beginning. Long live its rosé-colored toasts!


At BORN ROSÉ we’ve already got our ROSÉ perfectly chilled, ready to toast to this fantastic news. Have you got your glass ready? Why not toast with us!